To whom would like to take the confirmation cours

Information about the Confirmation Course

Fujisawa church will hold the Confirmation ceremony in 2021, for the ceremony, we will offer the preparation course in 2020 and 2021. This year’s schedule is written below, those who would like to participate in the preparation course, please fill the form below and submit it to the church office.

Participants should be

  • Freshman of middle-high school (Chuugakkou) or above
  • Haven’t taken the Confirmation


  • After the Sunday mass from 9:30-12;30
  • Data: October 4th, November 1st, and 29th, December 6th, January 17th and 31st, February 7th, March 7th, and 28th

Place: Fujisawa Church

Teacher: The Priest and the member of the preparation team

Things to bring:

  • Writing tools and the textbook “KENSHIN-ENO-TABI” (700yen+tax)
  • The textbook is available at the shop Galilee

 How to apply: Fill the form below and submit it to the church office by September 27th. The application must be submitted by the participants themselves.

Please note that the Confirmation course consists of 9 lessons and to complete the course you need to attend all the lessons. If you are not able to attend some of the courses, it is possible to take make-up lessons or take it in the course in 2021.