For those like to have the confirmation

The preparation course for the confirmation

Fujisawa Catholic Church will hold the confirmation ceremony on 5th December 2021.
In order to participate the ceremony, it is necessary to take preparation classes. Please fill the application form below and submit to the church office.

  1. Qualifications: those who have not received the confirmation, and first year middle high school student, or older (including adults).
  2. Schedule: 9th, 30th of May, 13th of June 4th and 25th of July 5th of September, 3rd and 31st of October and 7th of November.
  3. Place: Catholic Fujisawa Church
  4. Th priest and the Confirmation Team will take care of the classes
  5. Please bring something to write with and the textbook 「堅信への旅」(Kenshin eno tabi) \700+tax. The textbook is available in the shop ガリラヤ
  6. How to apply? – fill the application form below, and submit to the church office before 2nd May. Please note that the application form has to be filled by the participants.
    – The preparation class consists of 9 lessons; hence it is necessary to attend all the lessons.
    – If you miss the lessons, there are follow-up classes.
    – If you are not able to attend the lessons, please let the office know.