Preparation for the Confirmation Corse

Fujisawa Catholic Church will hold the Confirmation in 2021. The preparation course will be conducted as below, so please sign up. Those who are in the first grade at the junior high school and high school would be busy for an entrance exam in 2021, so it is recommended to take the course this year.

1. Subject: Those who is in the first grade at the junior high school or above (including adults who havenʼt taken the sacrament to confirmation)
2. Dates: 9 times in total. After 9:30 Sunday mass 〜 12:30 (time is subject to change) ①September 29, ②October 6, ③November 3, ④November17, ⑤December 1, ⑥ January 26, ⑦February 2, ⑧March 1, ⑨March 29
These 9 times will be a complete program, so please attend all 9 sessions. In case of an absence, you need to attend missing classes next year. We will also conduct follow-up sessions.
3.Place: Fujisawa Catholic Church, Room 202 and other rooms
4. In charge: The priest, Preparation for the Confirmation Team
5. Things to bring: Writing tool, Textbook 「堅信への旅」(please purchase at the church store at \700)
6. How to apply: Please fill out the form below by the participant and submit to the office by September 22.